E: Documents submitted during Inquiry 

ID/100          Opening Submission on behalf of Herefordshire District Council
ID/101          Schedule of Progress with Acquisition
ID/102          Route Options
ID/103          Councils Response to Mr and Mrs Haughton (Obj 28)
ID/104          Typical Highway Cross Sections
ID/105          Objection withdrawal Mr David Watkins (Obj 10)
ID/106          Clarification of Southern Link Road Attenuation Basins 
ID/107          List of Council witnesses -  abbreviated qualifications
ID/108          Growth Deal Large Transport Project Portfolio  
ID/109          Hereford Agriculture Land Classification Map    

AA - Response to OBJ-28 - Mr & Mrs Haughton
AA - Closing Statement

HC/8 Opening Statement of the Acquiring Authority
HC/9 Schedule of Progress with Land Acquisition (Updated version of Mr Fowler’s Appendix – dated 29 October 2018) 
HC/10 Route Options considered for the SLR 
HC/11 Typical Highway Cross-Section (On Embankment)
HC/12 Clarification of SLR Attenuation Basins
HC/13 Growth Deal Large Transport Project Portfolio – Revised Version (November 2015)
HC/14 Herefordshire Agricultural Land Classification Map
HC/15 Plan showing Land Ownership, Agents and HC Tenancy Details
HC/16 Acquiring Authority Response to Mr A Haughton’s Evidence, given in support of Mr C and Mrs A Haughton – dated 6 November 2018
HC/17 Acquiring Authority Response to Written Objections – dated 9 November 2018
HC/18 Modified SRO and accompanying plans
HC/19 Modified CPO plans
HC/20 Acquiring Authority response to Clarification Requests by Mrs Morawiecka – dated 9 November 2018
HC/21 Update to Mr Godfrey’s Proof of Evidence Appendix D & Appendix F 
HC/22 Clarification on SLR Planning Conditions Status (P151314/F)
HC/23 DfT publication “Transforming Cities Fund: Call for Proposals” March 2018
HC/24 Bundle of key DMRB Standards, referred to in Evidence
HC/25 Closing Submissions on behalf of the Acquiring Authority


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